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Duo show with Jessica Campbell, Patel Brown Gallery, Toronto, June 2024, confirmed


Artist Project- Untapped Exhibitor, Toronto ON, April 2024

Rough Work Pair Exhibition with Rodrigo Marti, Kiko’s Space, Toronto ON, October 2023 


ARAS Now group exhibition, Avenue Road Arts School; Toronto ON, August 2023


Real to Reel series group screening, FADO Performance Art, Toronto ON, Mar 2024





Silt:Freshwater, performance artist, Gerrard Art Space, Toronto, June 2024 confirmed


Sarah Henstra Tarot Deck, commissioned artist, Toronto, May 2024


FADO Performance Art, commissioned artist, Toronto ON, Dec 2023


Berlin Sorts Awards, Semi Finalist, Berlin Germany, Dec 2023


Independent Shorts Awards Film Festival, Finalist, Los Angeles USA, Oct 2023


Zine Shine Zine fair, zine creator, Issues magazine shop, Toronto ON, July 2023


May Flowers Documentary, featured animation, Toronto ON, June 2023


Doug Paisley album promotion, featured animation, Toronto ON,Oct 2022





Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts, Toronto ON, Sept 2024, Confirmed


Animating Analog, 16 hr course with Robin Riad, LIFT, Toronto ON, Nov 2023


Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, Skopelos Greece, Sept 2023 


Baca Ceramic Arts Studio, Andrew Sanders, Santa FE NM, Feb 2018, Oct 2019





Mentorship, Andrew Sanders, Santa Fe NM. Feb 2018- present 


Mentorship Alexx Boisjolie, Toronto ON. Jan 2019- present


Ceramic Instruction, Audrey Mah, Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Jan- April 2017


Ceramic Instruction, Audrey Mah,  Avenue Road School for the Arts, Sept- Dec 2017 

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